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The boards selected for this table are some of the richest rescued from the grain mill.  They shine with a variety of oil penetrations that vary the coloring from light honey to almost black, and include nails original to the wood.

The finish on The Heritage called for a hand oil and buffing technique followed up with a final coating of durable satin waterlox.  This brings out the contrasting shades that make this table one of the favorites of the people who visit our show room.

The modern sleek legs, trim bread boards and slightly carved apron give this table a New York loft look that will appeal to even the most discriminating decorator.  The Heritage sample is 36” wide x 75” long. 

The All American


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This table is modeled after one I saw in Europe with a modified trestle base and oversized curved bread boards at each end.  The All American is simple and more streamlined than most of our tables.  There is a very visible “JONES” stamp reflecting the saw mill that processed the original boards harvested from virgin forests nearly a hundred years ago.

The All American is rich with “character markings” including circular saw scratches from Jones Mill and nails original to the old boards used to line the grain bins here in Jacksonville.  The All American sample stands 32” wide and 81” long.

The finish on the All American is hand rubbed and sanded with a final protective coat of satin waterlox tung oil.



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The Rail Baron remains a work in progress as it is one of the most recently crafted tables in the Series.  Like The Senator, this table is a massive 39” wide and 103” long.  The Rail Baron also has a swirl trim

The finish on The Rail Baron is a series of oil coatings painstaking-ly applied and rubbed out daily until the natural grains shine through like taffeta or silk.  Then a durable coating of waterlox is added to protect the finish and bring out the wood’s natural luster.

The Rail Baron is the only table in the showroom with a true “Trestle” base, but this feature is available (instead of legs) with any of the other tables by request.  Each trestle is, of course, designed specifically to fit the table for which it is intended, and handcrafted and finished to match.  



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I built this one for my family of  7.  Over the past 1 ½ years we beat it up the best we could, and I even have a photo of all five kids standing atop the table.  It’s ready for a new finish, but I put it in the showroom to indicate one of the sizes and finishes available, and to display the durability of these heritage pieces.


The SENATOR has a barely visible “Jones” mill stamp, and a swirl perimeter.  Its three book-matched boards were some of the prettiest pieces I had in the workshop.  The other two smaller boards were also book-matched and separately installed.  The apron and legs are specifically designed to support the weight of the massive top.  This 9 ½  x 4 foot top stands very proud at 31 ½” on triple-board tapered legs.

The coloring on The Senator is some of the most softly blended of any of the tables crafted so far due to the oils absorbed by these boards and their natural reaction to the finishing process.  It has to be seen to be appreciated.

                                                                                                                                  - Kevin


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The Desert Spa is currently the only table in the showroom with a light matte finish.  Its sleek 35” W x 68” L  size makes it ideal for most modern homes.  Note the “apron” (the top of the table’s base-unit that holds the legs together) on Desert Spa.  It boasts a slightly carved cross piece that adds character without compromising strength.

None of our Grain Mill Tables have been artificially “distressed.”  All the markings and variations in color are due to natural aging and processing as well as the wearing of the wood as grains were added and dumped in the old bins.


 This is one time where “age” and “character” are good things!  The markings on the sample Desert Spa really pop with this finish, and are unique to the boards used.

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