Grain Mill Art

About Us

Kevin Byrnes is an artist and Master Craftsman who has designed and built or renovated numerous high-end homes or rooms at the Beaches near Jacksonville over the past two decades.  Kevin’s work is coveted among the most discriminating and affluent homeowners. 


When he found that wood lining the grain bins at old mill on Beaver Street might be available, Kevin jumped at the chance to inspect the ancient boards.  He was intrigued by the discovery of wood worn by the movement of various grains over nearly a century, and soaked with a variety of grain oils.  With all his experience in the trade using the very best materials, he had never seen wood that provided such a unique and beautiful finish.  Kevin decided that he must save this treasure from wasteful destruction.  


He made several tables for his favorite customers with rave reviews.  He even made one super-sized table for a large family that was so beautiful they asked to have the flooring in the entire house upgraded with the 200 year-old boards.  They are delighted and awed by the resulting look in their amazing beach house.  They report both the table and the floor wear like iron and look awesome!


Each custom made Grain Mill Art table now available to the general public, is hand crafted from this rare “rescued” wood.  Every board is hand hewn and closely inspected to ensure continuity or contrast with the boards next to it, to create a unique work of art.  There is no fake “distressing” of the wood used in Grain Mill tables.  They are all selected for their individual character including nails, grain oils and wear markings as well as original saw marks and mill stamps.  Truly, they are seasoned by life itself.


Each table is unique – numbered and hand signed by the artist, but YOU actually design the table for your particular space.  You determine the top shape and size, apron width and style and select either legs or trestle designed to support your table top design.  Finally you choose from a variety of finishes that will bring out the character of this rare wood, as well as protect the valued yet useful art for generations to come.

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