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                           Woodside Lane


      Antique wood – hundreds of years in the making

                         Rescued from destruction

                 to create something  truly amazing!

                          Art – History – Purpose

              Heirlooms to treasure for generations!

         A size and style for any home – Your  home!


Do you have a kitchen or dining room that’s too large, or too small, for a standard table?  Are you a discriminating shopper looking for something truly unique that will suit almost any style; something that shouts “quality – a work of art,” something you will enjoy with future generations, and worthy of passing down with stories to tell of special occasions gathered at a very special table?   Then it’s well worth a trip to lovely San Marco to check out the sample tables collected specifically to show the quality and variety of table art available so far.  You may find yourself inspired to create your own personal design for your own family and future. 



             Art by Kevin Byrnes, Master Craftsman


                          Jacksonville, Florida 

                          Phone (904) 710-4737

                    email us: GrainTableArt

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